Comfortable Reusable Protective Masks with ZINC!

ShamWow Mask® with Zinc

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Two Shamwow masks, each is an orange colored face mask with a white strap. The shamwow logo is embroidered on the middle in a black color
*Shamwows are 100% Viscose/Polypropylene thermally bonded non-woven cloth which is the material type used in Medical grade masks and N95 masks. (See More Information on FAQ page)


  • Extra Protection Thermally bonded Non-Woven
  • Contains Zinc anti-bacterial fighting fibers
  • Machine-Washable, reusable
  • Light, Breathable
  • Cotton inner-layer for comfort
  • German material, Crafted in USA. Not Made in China
  • Constructed following CDC Guidelines
Vince is wearing his ShamWow mask and giving a thumbs up
Made in Germany and USA
Vince is holding up a ShamWow mask while showing the mask's cotton inner shell
100% Cotton Inner Shell For Extra Comfort
Vince is putting the ShamWow mask in the washing machine
Reusable / Machine Washable
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Almost all cloth masks are made with woven fibers which allow airborne germs and viruses to get through easily. But ShamWow® is non-woven and prevents microbes from entering, keeping you safe and sound.

A young woman is wearing a ShamWow mask, a construction safety helmet and standing in front of the American flag and a city scape

Made with the same high-tech material used to make surgical masks, and infused with real zinc to help fight and stop bacteria and other microbes.

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The ShamWow® Mask with Zinc has a cotton inner layer for comfort. For only $19.95 you'll receive a ShamWow Mask and Free Shipping. Plus for ordering today, we'll send you a second ShamWow® Mask just pay separate $9.95 fee and your order will ship for free.

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Please understand that our face masks are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, and in circumstances where medical grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. The decision to use this mask is solely your own.