Comfortable Reusable Protective Masks with ZINC!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it machine washable and dryable?

It is machine washable but you cannot put it in the dryer. You can only air-dry your ShamWow Masks.

What is the Shamwow made of and how are they similar to N95 or surgical masks?

Shamwow cloths are a 100% viscose/polypropylene thermally bonded non-woven cloth which is the material type used in medical grade masks such as the hard to find N95 and surgical masks. In addition to the Shamwow non-woven outer shell we have added a 100% cotton inner shell to provide extra comfort which also blocks any inert fibers from entering through the mouth.

Please see the links below for additional information which supports the Shamwow polypropylene viscose non-woven material as the same material type as what’s used in medical grade products.

When will my order arrive?

Standard shipping, processing, and handling takes about three to four weeks from the day you order. We can occasionally ship earlier but you should permit at least three weeks for the package to arrive. Processing rush shipping takes roughly 5 to 7 days. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska add a few more days to the delivery time.

Are Shamwows certified for Medical Use?

No they are not for medical use. But you should know that the outer Shamwow non-woven cloth would filter out microbial particles more than the typical 100% cloth masks, being offered in the marketplace currently. We believe that the Shamwow mask brings the best of both worlds as they offer both the comfort of cotton masks with the protection of a non-woven microbial barrier. And the best part is it's machine washable!

Do you follow CDC guidelines?

Yes, our mask manufacturer follows all CDC guidelines for making Shamwow masks.

How does the anti-bacterial ShamWow work against germs?

In laboratory tests, some bacteria or germs were impeded from spreading by 99% because of the Zinc in the Shamwow. Opens in a new window
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The ShamWow® Mask with Zinc has a cotton inner layer for comfort. For only $19.95 you'll receive a ShamWow Mask and Free Shipping. Plus for ordering today, we'll send you a second ShamWow® Mask just pay separate $9.95 fee and your order will ship for free.

Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA and FL.

A $9.95 shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from AK, HI & PR.

Please understand that our face masks are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, and in circumstances where medical grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. The decision to use this mask is solely your own.